Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Official

I do not live in the south anymore.
Us southern girls can survive winter with a nice, sturdy pea coat.  However, that is just not the case here. I've already been wearing what I like to call my "winter" coat.  And its only October--fall at that!
Needless to say I'm in the market for a new coat that I can wear when it actually gets cold here. 
I found this at J. Crew Factory on mega sale. I'm talking 40% off.
Factory long belted puffer jacket
Long Belted Puffer Jacket
I'm going to make this baby mine tonight before the 40% discount expires.  I'm a little worried about sizing, but I think I will be able to make it work--even if it is a tad too big or small (a good excuse to shed a few pounds right?)
If you live in the north, what kind of jacket to you swear by? I'm obviously in need of some tips. 


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  2. growing up in VA I've experienced many cold winters but I don't know if I'm prepared for those I'll be experiencing when I visit my boyfriend up there this Summer!

  3. I'm okay with my semi-cold Charlotte NC weather ... that is one cute jacket, though!

  4. I tried to email you back but it wasnt set up :(

    Thank you for your sweet words about being motivating! Im struggling but trying!!


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