Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fall Lust List: Handbags

I am such a purse girl.  I could seriously buy every high end bag, and never get tired of spending so much money on them.  Here are a few of my favorite designer bags for fall:

Marc Jacobs Karlie Leather Shoulder Bag

Burberry Leather Tote
Burberry Leather Tote

Valentino 'Rockstud-So Noir' Leather Shopper

3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' Leather Satchel

Reed Krakoff 'Boxer' Tri-Color Leather Satchel

These are just a few of my favorites for fall.  It's such a shame that almost all of them boast a price tag over $1000.  Maybe one day they'll all be mine!

What are your favorite bags for fall?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

Even though my sister's wedding isn't until November, its just never too early to shop.  Here are a few beauties I've got my eye on for the rehearsal dinner.  Hopefully if I throw on a pair of black tights and booties, I won't freeze my little behind off...

BCBGMAXAZRIA Palais One Shoulder Luxe Satin

Trina Turk Studded Dress--Scalloped Hem

Vera Want V Neck Dress--Half Peplum

Adrianna Papell Lace Overlay Sheath Dress

It's a big possibility that I won't actually go shopping for this dress until I move to NYC...sometimes online shopping gets the best of me.  What do you think of these pieces?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

I'm thankful that I had a safe, relaxing trip to NYC. I was pretty stressed out before meeting our broker, but she really made me feel relaxed.  I am so grateful to feel like I have someone that I can trust to help me look for apartments.

I'm thankful that I got to reunite with some of my favorite NYC friends--Catherine, Jon, and Jeremy.  Catching up with them is always so great.

I'm thankful that I moved my next section of the CPA exam back.  Sometimes, I overestimate my will to study, and I definitely wouldn't have been ready to take the test yesterday.

I'm thankful that I finally bought my plane ticket to VEGAS!! It is going to be such a fun trip to end my summer.

I'm thankful that my birthday is coming up.  I am in serious need of some new clothes/jewelry/makeup.

I'm thankful that I finally get my wisdom teeth pulled this week.  It is about 2 years overdue, and my mouth has been killing me for months! I'm so glad the pain won't be around much longer.

thankful thankful thankful

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

My sister, Ashley, is 24 today!!

We haven't always loved each other like this,


 but we get along better now that we're older. 

Ashley and Carlos in St. Louis
I hope you have a great birthday!!!  I love you!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Apartment hunting in NYC was a bust...I am going back in August with Rach to hopefully find a place to live.  Hopefully we won't be homeless by the time work starts. 

I didn't take many pictures during the trip.  I feel like I've been to NYC so many times now that I don't need to take pictures anymore.  Maybe that's just me being lazy...

In other news, I NEED a new sports bra.  Here is what I'm looking at right now...

C9 by Champion

Victoria's Secret Incredible

Nike Pro Women's Sports Bra

 Any suggestions for a girl with a bigger chest?  I want something that is supportive while running. Hopefully I'll be able to find some of these at TJ Maxx or Ross so I can save a few $$. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This week....

I will be on a little blog hiatus.  I arrived in Greenville, SC to celebrate Austin's birthday with his family on Thursday night, and I am off to NYC Sunday through Wednesday to apartment hunt. 

Wish me luck!

I'll be back Thursday with an update!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fitness Facts

First of all, let me say that I am absolutely not the most fit person out there. I gained a lot of weight in college (unfortunately most in the last 2 years) and I am desperate to get it off.  In the past I have used personal trainers, done the Insanity program, and tried strictly cardio.  I've also followed tons of fad diets and Weight Watchers.  Since I've tried so many different things, I thought I'd share what works best for me what keeps me motivated.

Most importantly, your food intake accounts up to 80% of achieving your fitness goals.  It is best, as we all know, to eat leafy greens--as many servings as you can each day.  These should take up 2/3 of your plate.  The other third should be lean protein such as chicken, turkey, or fish.
In my opinion, it is best to leave out starch portion of the plate to eliminate carbs. 

I also like to juice my own fruits and vegetables.  I do this everyday for breakfast.  I usually will do a fruit blend and add spinach.  Juicing has great health benefits because the nutrients can be directly absorbed since your body doesn't have to break down solid foods.  I use this juicer: 


As far as my diet goes, I keep it pretty basic.  If I am not eating fruits or veggies, I try to stick to the Weight Watchers plan.  This helps me stay on track when I want a little treat. 

As far as workout clothes, I am a big Nike fan, but I do think Nike often overcharges.  I like to compare store brands (like BCG at Academy), and if the quality is the same, I will usually purchase the less expensive of the two. 

I like to wear fitted knee pants for running and a v neck or t shirt:

As far as shoes go, I am not brand specific. I am wearing Nike Free Runs right now, but there are plenty of shoe types at different price points--I'm ALWAYS shopping the sale at Finish Line.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Asic's GEL Women's Flash

Nike Reax Rocket

Under Armor Micro G Split II

Asics Gel Nimbus 

All of these shoes can be found on Finish Line's sale page for women.  They range in price from $50 to over $100.  

Happy shopping! Maybe working out will be a little more fun with some new gear?

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Happy Birthday Austin!!

Austin is 23 today! I can't believe how old we are getting! 

I am truly so thankful to have him in my life.  He is always so supportive of me, takes care of my needs, and calms me down when I am stressed.  I couldn't ask for a better best friend and boyfriend!

I love you!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



I'm loving that I only have 2 days left of work this week!! I'm pretty stressed out about my upcoming CPA exam, so less time at work means more time to study.

I'm loving chevron bedding. This beauty is for the new apartment.

I'm loving all the new blogs I have been reading lately! It is so fun to read about everyone's life. Today I actually read a post where the writer mentioned 2 people from my hometown--small world!

I'm loving that the olympics start in 10 days!!!! Go Team USA!!!

I'm loving that I've gotten back into a good workout routine after 2 weeks out.  I always dread running then afterwards I remember how great of a stress reliever it is. 

So this week's WILW was less fashion related, but its just what fits me right now. I haven't had any time to browse online because I have been SO busy with work, studying, working out, etc, etc, etc. 

 Don't forget! Nordstrom's anniversary sale starts this Friday (the 20th)--be sure to check out their deals before the sale in the online catalog.  I'm in the market for a Clarisonic Mia....maybe I'll have to pick one up during the sale!

Also,   Ulta is having their Friends & Family Sale now through 7/21.  20% off for Rewards Members and 15% off for Friends.  Rewards members enter code 86249 and Friends enter 82108 at checkout.  The sale isn't good on all products so be sure to read the fine print!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kate Spade Favorites

Kate Spade--as always-- is doing everything right.  Her pieces are all beautiful and timeless, and I can see so many of them working as great transition pieces from summer to fall.  Here are a few of my current favorites.  Too bad I can't include her entier collection...

grove court large maise
Grove Court Large Maise

ruby street little kennedy
Ruby Street Little Kennedy

gold coast lacey
Gold Coast Lacey

plaza anthenee collar necklace
Plaza Athenee Collar Necklace

crystal chapel cluster drop earrings
Crystal Chapel Cluster Drop Earrings

amanda dress
Amanda Dress

reade top
Reade Top

colorblock brodie dress
Colorblock Brodie Dres

I think its pretty obvioius that I'm loving the neutrals.  I've always been a neutral kind of girl--drawn to tans, blacks, creams, and navys. 

What are you loving from Kate Spade? I know I wish I had an overflowing bank account so I could pick up one of everything.

Monday, July 16, 2012

OOTD: Lindsey & Dustin's Wedding


Wedding by jkcavett featuring chain jewelry

I wore this little number to Lindsey and Dustin's wedding on Saturday.  My dress was this style, but in royal blue.  On my hands I wore OPI's My Pointe Exactly from the New York City Ballet Collection.  I love how this grey is so sheer--I've never been a fan of wearing bold colors on my hands. I don't know why, but I just feel like it draws too much attention to my fingers.

My toes had a red shade, but I'm not sure of the color--however, it was OPI. 
I had so much fun at Lindsey and Dustin's wedding--people should really get married more often!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

I'm thankful that I was able to spend so much time with great friends last night. It is always so much fun when the old dance families get together. These are the people that will be my best friends for the rest of my life, and I love them for that.

I'm thankful that I was able to conquer all of my CPA studying this week. I take my next exam (the Business portion) on July 27th.

I'm thankful that my work weeks are starting to go by faster. I only have 4 weeks left this summer!

I'm thankful that I found a realtor to work with in NYC. She seems so nice and willing to help. I can't wait to apartment hunt with her!!

I'm thankful I get to see Austin this weekend! His birthday is this Thursday and I am looking forward to spending time with him and his family.  

I'm thankful that in less than 2 months I won't have to drive a car.  I hate driving, and to me, that is one of the biggest perks of moving to NYC.

I'm thankful that Gizmo is finally becoming happy in his new home.  He is getting into a new routine and finally isn't scared of my parents anymore. 

What are you thankful for today?

thankful thankful thankful

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lindsey & Dustin

Tomorrow, Lindsey and Dustin are tying the knot!! I'm so excited for them!! We have been friends with the bride's family for almost 13 years and we are so happy for them during this special time!!

Isn't Lindsey just beautiful?? And they are such a cute couple. I can't wait to see Lindsey in her dress!

Congratulations Lindsey!!


I saw this post while perusing Belle in the City, and thought it would be fun to share my "currents" with you guys!

Current Playlist:
I'm loving anything Ben Rector right now--as always.  His voice is just so rich!!

Nail Polish:

OPI's I'm His Coral Friend

Favorite TV Show:
So You Think You Can Dance!! Shout out to my friends Daniel and Joshua who both made it through most of Vegas Week!

I so need a new business suit before moving...

Celeb Crush:
How could you not crush on him?? Maybe I'll run into him now that he's a Jet....a girl can dream.

Wonderful parents!! They are always my biggest blessing.

Lindsey and Dustin are getting married on Saturday!!!

Tired...it's been a long work day. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! It's almost the weekend!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012



The Robinson Tote
This tote is so classic. I have also heard that it is large enough for a laptop, files, and other work related items--something I'll definitely need for my big girl job. 

Michele Deco Diamond Watch


I am obsessed with this watch, but I'm not loving the $1,800 price tag...maybe when I earn my first bonus??

Prada Back Zip Tall Boots


These 100+ degree temps are making me long for fall. Wouldn't these be perfect with dark skinnies and a caramel sweater??

Another Line Tie Dye iPad Case

Love the fun colors in this...I'm in the market for a new iPad case, so this may just be the one!!

And finally...

Eliza J Print Batwing Sleeve Chiffon Dress

Wouldn't this be perfect to wear to a summer wedding or bridal/baby shower? The fabric is so light and airy and the colors are so cheerful. 

What are you loving this Wednesday?