Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It truly is sad how broke I am.  I'm not on a regular pay schedule yet, and with rent topping $1000, I'm sure you could understand how I might seem to run out of cash quickly.
There is a terrible trend in my life--the less money I have the more I online shop.  This morning, I spent a few hours on j. crew, nordstrom, and uniqlo (p.s. don't worry I'm spending this week "unassigned" at work, so I don't actually have anything to do).
Anywho, j. crew has a few great sweaters on sale right now.  Here are my faves:
Creatures of the Wind for J.Crew broken-stripe cardigan
Dream V-neck sweater
Tippi sweater in stripe
Collection cashmere bateau sweater in stripe
Collection cashmere boyfriend cardigan
I'm sweater crazy.  It is SO cold in NYC compared to what I'm used to...

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